Healthy Choices Promote Healthy Pregnancy

Sharareh Bagherian, D.O.
Hackensack Meridian Health


Every journey in life starts with that first step, and nowhere does setting off on the right foot matter more than the road  to motherhood.

“There’s something very special about seeing first-time mothers - or women preparing for their first pregnancy,” says Sharareh Bagherian, D.O. 

“A new journey is beginning for them, and it’s important to me to help them get started in the right direction,” Bagherian says. 

For Dr. Bagherian, this guidance includes imparting proper education about natural solutions for promoting healthy pregnancy, such as diet, nutrition, and healthy lifestyle choices.

Although certain factors that can impact pregnancy are out of a woman’s hands – such as genetics, age and certain medical conditions - this is all the more reason patients should be proactive and mindful of the variables they can control.

These factors include:

  • Getting proper nutrition/supplementation
  • Maintaining proper fitness
  • Minimizing stress
  • Quitting smoking
  • Controlling weight
  • Drinking little or no alcohol
  • Reducing caffeine intake

“Of course, managing these risk factors goes hand-in-hand with following through on all appointments and proper communication with your physician before, throughout and after pregnancy,” says Dr. Bagherian. “Be open and honest with your doctor about any questions and concerns. “

“Education is power, and it’s my job to equip my patients with the information they need,” she adds. “From there, it’s up to them to make the right choices and be proactive - for their own health, and the health of their baby.