Mom will be Tickled Pink by Laughter Yoga

Catherine Campo, D.O.
Breast Surgeon
Meridian Cancer Care


There’s no day like Mother’s Day, and no better time for cultivating shared, proactive health routines with proven benefits to women of all ages.

This year, we’re celebrating Paint the Town Pink’s 10-year anniversary of raising awareness about the importance of annual mammograms. On May 21, every mother, daughter, granddaughter and grandmother is invited to join us at Manasquan Beach for Pink Laughter Yoga, a combination of traditional deep breathing exercises and laughter exercises to oxygenate your body and soul.
Catherine Campo, D.O., breast surgeon, Meridian Cancer Care, recently took the time to discuss how integrating preventative health habits like yoga, nutrition, and exercise can help prevent breast cancer and reduce its risk factors.

“I like to encourage all of my patients to have a healthy lifestyle to help prevent breast cancer,” Campo says. “That includes eating healthy food, exercising, and avoiding tobacco use.”

Dr. Campo adds that a proactive, integrative approach can also prove beneficial after a breast cancer diagnosis.
“There is research showing that women who eat healthy, exercise, and if they're overweight, lose weight after a diagnosis of breast cancer, then have a decreased risk of breast cancer recurrence.”

She notes that it’s important to emphasize these integrative health measures are tools to be used in addition to, not instead of, traditional treatments and screenings.

“A healthy lifestyle does not completely prevent breast cancer, so it is important for women to get their annual mammogram and see their doctor for a clinical breast examination,” she says. 

Join us for an afternoon of yoga mats and belly laughs! Don't miss Pink Laughter Yoga, May 21 from 3 to 5 p.m. on the beach in Manasquan at First and Ocean avenues. Learn more here!