Get Your New Year Off to a Healthy Start with Our Top Stories of 2014

Top Stories of 2014

Another year, another step toward a healthier you. Health and wellness topics were hotter than ever in 2014, a year of breakthroughs, outbreaks and trends that had people all over the world talking. 

So what did we learn in 2014?

Read on for some of the year's top health advice from Meridian experts.

A Breast Cancer Diagnosis is NOT a Death Sentence

Early detection remains one of the single most effective tools in the fight against breast cancer. Armed with the right amount of information, vigilance and awareness, women of today can be properly equipped to stand tall -- and win the fight -- against the dreaded disease.

"A breast cancer diagnosis can be scary, but it's not a death sentence," says Denise L. Johnson Miller, M.D., Medical Director for Breast Surgery at Jersey Shore University Medical Center. "Don't be afraid to be aggressive."

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Discipline With Education, Empathy and Understanding

Media attention to Adrian Peterson’s corporal punishment of his son spotlights the ‘spare the rod, spoil the child’ mindset of many parents and leaders in this country. Certainly the severity of the injuries to Peterson’s son is far from the normal consequences of corporal punishment, but the episode should bring about a fuller discussion of the value or detriment of such punishment, and whether parenting is about how to respond to misbehavior, or about how to teach a child to live a responsible life.

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Sleeping Apart Could Boost Mind, Body and Relationship

He likes it cold; she likes it hot. She's a mover and a shaker; he's down for the count. Opposites may attract, but when it's time to call it a night, some differences come at a cost. It sounds extreme, but on an episode of "The Doctors," Dr. Carol Ash discussed how sleeping separately from your partner could provide a healthier night's sleep all around.

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Barnegat Mother Battles Cancer with the Help of "Family, Friends and Laughter"

Bridget Wallin knows what it feels like to have her world turned upside down. 

“I remember exactly where I was and what I was doing,” Bridget explains. “It wasn’t until I got home and told my husband I had been diagnosed with breast cancer that I decided I wasn’t going to let this change my world. I was going to continue on with my life.”

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