Can Joint Replacement Surgery Improve Heart Health?

Featuring David Lopez, M.D.
Riverview Medical Center
Bayshore Community Hospital


In a study of people with moderate to severe osteoarthritis, those who had total knee or hip replacement surgery were less likely to suffer a cardiovascular event such as a heart attack or stroke over the following three years, according to BMJ medical journal. 

“Total joint replacement surgery can improve your ability to be active, which in turn reduces risk factors for heart problems like high blood pressure, obesity, and diabetes,” says David Lopez, M.D., Riverview Medical Center and Bayshore Community Hospital. 

Joint replacement surgery is effective at reducing pain and improving mood in people with osteoarthritis. Pain is closely linked with stress, which together can put added strain on your heart.

Research shows exercise can reduce pain and improve function and quality of life, worth noting as arthritis is more common among people with multiple chronic conditions, including heart disease, diabetes and obesity.

“If arthritis interferes with your ability to do your usual activities or maintain an active lifestyle, talk to your doctor,” says Diane Verga, M.D., of Ocean Medical Center. “He or she may recommend medications that control inflammation and slow the disease process, physical therapy, or even surgery, like a joint replacement, if needed.”

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