Robotic Surgery for Benign Tumors

By Brian Rogers, M.D.
Director of Robotic Gynecology Surgery
Jersey Shore University Medical Center

If I have a non-cancerous, benign tumor, am I eligible for minimally invasive surgery, such as Robotic surgery? The answer to this question is yes. Before the discovery and development of laparoscopic surgery using Robotic techniques, the standard procedure using large incisions in the abdomen was required, but now, due to the advanced technology of Robtic techniques, this is no longer the case!

Jersey Shore University Medical Center is now able to utilize the da Vinci® Surgical System, the most technologically advanced system for Robotic-assisted surgery in any community. This technology allows our expert team of surgeons to treat and care for patients better than ever before! Using the da Vinci® Surgical System, visualization is improved and the range of motion offered is increased, resulting in a number of benefits to our patients.

Robotic Surgery has an extremely low risk of complications, has a faster recovery time, uses smaller incisions, and creates less pain for patients post-operatively. This advanced system allows Jersey Shore University Medical Center to get its patients back to work, back to their normal lifestyle, and back to the things they love and enjoy in a shorter period of time.


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