Is Your Child on Vaccination Overload?

Amy Peardon, D.O., FAAP
Jersey Shore University Medical Center
K. Hovnanian Children's Hospital

Few parents of young children will argue, those little bodies need a lot of big needles - mostly before their second birthday.

No parent likes to see their child cry, but toughing out the tears that too often accompany vaccinations...


Why moms should rethink the words "lose weight" and create a "lifestyle change" instead

by Lori Sawyer

So Cliché, LIFESTYLE CHANGE.  You have heard it before, but it’s the truth.  It is what I have built my business on.  It is what I believe, and what works.  After having a baby, most of us think, OMG, I have to lose weight, get back to pre baby weight, etc.  That is only a small part of what it should be.  You are a mom now, you have this beautiful creation to take care of, and you want to teach them healthy habits and ideas.  


Do you know what came up in my boot camp class…


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