Mighty, Mighty Metabolism

Alex Woodrick, M.S.
Weight Management Coach
Exercise Specialist
Meridian Fitness & Wellness
27 South Cooks Bridge Road, Jackson

When it comes to traditional weight-loss methods, there are many variables to consider. Some, such as genetics, we are powerless over. Others, like diet and exercise, are pivotal - and completely under our control.

So where does metabolism...


Feeling Great Each Day Starts (and Ends) with a Healthy Night’s Sleep

by Christie Rampone

A lot of people are surprised when I tell them my days off are just as important to my health and training routine as my workout days.

It’s no secret though; rest and recovery are essential if you want to perform at YOUR best - and that starts and ends with getting enough sleep.

For parents, for mothers, this is especially important, because we can’t just catch up on sleep whenever we feel like it.  If your kids are in bed by 7:30, and you’re not going to bed until 11,…


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