Planning is Key to Happy and Healthy Feasting, Any Time of Year

Featuring Margarita Smotkin-Tangorra, D.O.
Pediatric Endocrinologist
K. Hovnanian Children's Hospital
Jersey Shore University Medical Center

We all know that food takes center stage on Thanksgiving Day, but for parents of children with diabetes, ensuring a safe and healthy turkey day menu can create added stress during an already hectic time of year.

But with just a...


7 Good Excuses for Moms to Get a Colonoscopy

by Jennifer Auer

It's the day before my colonoscopy!

Why you might ask? I'm 42 and look relatively healthy. But the truth is I have Crohn's  Disease. I have for 20+ years. Colonoscopies are just one of the necessary evils I have to have done to be proactive and monitor my disease.

If you've heard anything about colonoscopies you heard about the prep. The prep, although getting better, is worse than the actual colonoscopy. It goes something like…