Rotavirus Vaccine Reduces Hospitalizations in Kids by 94 percent

Shrikrishna K. Mate, M.D.
Pediatric Medical Group, Central Jersey
Ocean Medical Center


If you have kids age 5 or older, they’ve probably had a brush with rotavirus, which tends to cause fever, vomiting and severe stomach pain.

There was a time when rotavitus symptoms sent about 70,000 kids to the...


Fitness Resolutions, how to keep them!

by Lori Sawyer

New Year New You.  I have heard this a billion times.  This cliche marketing quote is a solid for new years resolutions.  But are you REALLY READY for a new you?  If so, you have to work for it.  Change habits and find a solid support group.

Want to succeed?!?  This is what you need!

  1. Get a cute notebook, or start a file on your computer.  WRITE DOWN (or type :-) ) your goals.  Short term and long term.  For example.  1 month, 3 months, 6 months and a year.  
    1. BE…


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