Live Like a Master With These Heart Healthy Super Foods

Julie Master, D.O.
Riverview Medical Center
Jersey Shore University Medical Center
Bayshore Community Hospital

Can getting a good night’s sleep be better for your heart?

Studies show that insufficient sleep can be tied to high blood pressure and other chronic conditions like asthma and arthritis. In addition, people suffering from the worst cases...


Life on the Seesaw

by Tria Karamanos Deibert

I am sitting in Dallas International Airport, computer on my lap and guilt gifts at my feet, waiting patiently (well, as patient as I can be) for my delayed flight to take off so I can get home to my boy.

I have just spent a truly fulfilling week at a conference: learning, connecting, getting inspired and feeling a little guilty.  It’s hard not to feel guilty when you go on work-vacation: the term my husband used to explain my trip to my son. And, while that description infuriated me…


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