perinatal_featureJersey Shore University Medical Center is home to the Perinatal Institute (PNI), where specialized experts provide 24-hour care for complex pregnancies. The multi-disciplinary team consists of four physicians who are board certified in obstetrics/gynecology and are also board certified in maternal fetal medicine. These physicians are sometimes referred to as "High-Risk Obstetricians," "Maternal Fetal Specialists," and "Perinatologists."

In addition to consultation, the physicians of the Perinatal Institute offer advanced diagnostics such as high-definition ultrasounds and genetic screenings to help pinpoint and prepare for any complications. Other services include prenatal care, office consultation, prenatal diagnosis, chorionic villus sampling, amniocentesis, genetic counseling, targeted ultrasound, percutaneous umbilical blood sampling.

The team works closely with their colleagues in the neonatal intensive care unit at K. Hovnanian Children's Hospital at Jersey Shore University Medical Center. The Perinatal Institute is available for phone consultation, maternal transports, and referrals of prenatal care at any time. Specialists are located at Jersey Shore University Medical Center, but also see patients at our other New Jersey facilities, Ocean Medical Center and Riverview Medical Center.