Having a baby! It’s a thrilling experience. It’s also awe-inspiring, nerve-racking, exhilarating, scary, joyous, overwhelming, miraculous, and the most natural thing in the world. And, somehow, it’s all of these things at once.

eventscalendarbuttonThe hospitals of Meridian Health – over the course of many years and thousands of deliveries – have learned that the best way to deal with this jumble of emotions is to couple our extraordinary maternity care with an equally exceptional educational program that eases new parents’ concerns and attends to all of their pre and post-natal needs. Our comprehensive series of childbirth courses and services help to prepare expecting families for the imminent event and equip each family member with the skills and knowledge that will best serve them both during and after pregnancy.

Whatever you’re looking for – an overall introduction to the entire childbirth process, a one-time refresher course just to get your feet wet again, activities that will help your other children adapt, CPR training, or even just some relaxation time for mom – you and your loved ones can undoubtedly benefit from any number of our offerings.

So, you provide the love, and Meridian Health will provide whatever educational services you find most useful. Together, we’ll make sure your baby has everything it needs to grow and thrive.

Car Seat Fitting Station

classes_carseatJersey Shore University Medical Center and the New Jersey State Police are committed to the safety of our communities.  They have joined forces to conduct a free car safety fitting station the First Tuesday of each month from 3:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m. at Jersey Shore University Medical Center.  For more information, contact Molly Berkowitz, R.N., at 732-776-4515 or mberkowitz@meridianhealth.com.

Get Ready, Baby Series


Beautiful Beginnings: Preparation for Childbirth

Certified childbirth educators guide you through the stages of labor and delivery, hospital routines and medical interventions, comfort measures, and pain-relief options. The companionship of other expectant families makes this class – which includes a tour of the Maternity Unit – especially enjoyable and rewarding. Weekend and weeknight classes are available to meet your scheduling needs.

Baby on Board... Again! Childbirth Déjà vu for the Experienced Mom

If this is a second or later pregnancy, our single-session refresher class serves as a great opportunity to review past birth experiences, receive updates on the latest hospital procedures, and discuss how to optimally integrate the new baby into your existing family life. Additionally, stages of labor, coping strategies, and pain-relief options will be covered.

The ABC's of VBAC

Many women safely deliver vaginally following a previous cesarean birth. Your doctor will help you decide whether you are a candidate for VBAC, and, if so, our single-session class will help you prepare.


Nursing Your Newborn

This single-session class addresses the benefits of breastfeeding for both mother and baby, offering lots of strategies for getting off to a smooth start. Topics include positioning and latching baby at the breast, as well as ways to tell if your baby is getting enough milk. Couples are encouraged to attend together.

Magnificent Multiples: Preparing for Twins or More

This informative session is a must for parents who are expecting twins, triplets, or more. Topics include: what to expect during pregnancy and delivery; the emotional and physical demands of caring for more than one newborn; coping with sleep deprivation; managing helpers; and selecting and using practical baby equipment. In addition, veteran parents of multiples will be on hand to share their experiences and answer questions.

Baby Talk: Infant Care 101

Whether you’re expecting a first baby or planning to adopt, this class presents an introduction to the particular needs of newborns and how to meet them. Subject areas include routine newborn care and bathing, sleep patterns, feeding, and soothing a crying baby. Safety issues and childproofing techniques are discussed, along with the latest American Academy of Pediatrics guidelines for caring for your infant.


Check out our Cribs: Backstage Pass Maternity Tour

If you’re pregnant or planning to be in the near future, you’ll want to join us for a free tour of our maternity facilities at the hospital of your choice.

It's A Family Affair


Tyke Hike: A Tour for Tots

This tour is designed to reassure toddlers (under 3 years) about where mommy will be when it’s time for the new baby to arrive. You’ll also receive handouts to help you get your youngster ready for the new baby.

Lifesaving Lessons: CPR Training

This indispensable program, available exclusively to families of those who deliver at our medical centers, provides instruction in cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and management of foreign body airway obstruction (FBAO) in infants and children.


Sibling Revelry: Preparing Big Brothers & Sisters for a New Baby

Activities, stories, and play prepare children for the experience of welcoming a brother or sister. Class includes a brief video, a tour of the nursery, handouts, and certificates.

The Parent Connection: Networking in the Fourth Trimester and Beyond

This free program offers information and companionship to moms of babies from birth to age one. We welcome you and your baby to our weekday sessions.

MomME Time


Strike A Pose: Yoga for Moms and Moms-to-Be

This combination Pre and Post Natal Yoga class is specifically designed for “Moms to Be” and new moms. In order to prepare for childbirth, the classes will focus on gentle posture, numerous breathing techniques and overall relaxation. Classes will be held weekly in six-week sessions. Pre-registration and medical clearance are required.

Safe Sitter Babysitter Training Classes

classes_safesitterThis class is for participants aged 11 to 13, teaching them how to keep children and themselves safe.  Additional parts to the class include how to entertain children and prevent danger, how to call for emergency help, how to prevent injuries and basic first aid, what to do when a child chokes or stops breathing, and CPR instruction.  All classes begin at 9:00 a.m. and end at 3:30 p.m..  A graduation ceremony for parents and families begins at 3:00 p.m.  The training fee is $40, and pre-registration is required. 


To learn more about any of our classes, please visit our online event calendar or call 1-800-DOCTORS.

Please note that classes may not be available at all locations.